Вставление глаголов в нужные формы
1)She (to open) the doop and (to come)insto zoom
2)We (to trave) a lot last year
3)Peter (to have) a bin in day party last week and we (to enjoy) it very much
4)Children (fago) to Gorky Park and (to spend) the whole day there
5) Chetkov (to be) a great master of Short Stories and (to write) a Lot of them
6)Our foot ball players (to win) this matoh with a grate score
7) Two years ago my brother (to fimsh) scool and (to enter) Moskow iniversity
8) He (to read ) the book with pleasure yesterday


Ответы и объяснения

Opened, went, traveled , had, enjoyed, went, spent, was, wrote, won, finished, entered, read