помогите!! задали по английскому сочинение " Человек которым я восхищаюсь" 220-250 слов нигде в интернете не могу найти!

О ком бы ты хотел написать?
не знаю мне без разницы,можно и о друге можно и о известном человеке
Сколько лет твоему лучшему другу?

Ответы и объяснения

I have got many friends.But my best friend is ... . He is 15. Kirill is very reliable. I can rely on him in any difficult situations. We respect each other , care about each other, remain true and honest to each other,always keep secrets and forgive  each other. The thing i like best about my friend is that he really cares for me. When i am sick he comes to see me , brings me my favourite fruits: apples and pear,helps me wiht my homework.
We dont often go out in the evening during the week because we have too mach homework. As a rule we meet at the weekends. We often go to the cinema.  We have a good time together. My mum always say: A friend yoy choose helps you win or loose. 
With Kirill i always win! Измени имя Кирилл на имя друга.