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My problems with my parents.
We often stop to think about why we have come disagreements with parents, and always blame them at all , but they do not even notice what we are to blame for this .   The problem of fathers and children are always excited man. Very often in the life of teenagers occur at odds with their parents , but not always end this conflict peacefully. In one family, the parents have punished his son - a teenager for a bad school and paid with their lives for it . The teenager in the same night committed a terrible crime , he did not flinch hand to take such a desperate move , he killed his parents.   If you think seriously , there's no wonder why . In this age of high -tech teens are more and more attracted computer games and TV screens , which do not go with the infinite series and the fighters . Gone are the days when studios were shooting good children's films . They were replaced by movies - action, horror with endless fights , blood and selective swearing . But only the name of the movie is already blowing something sinister and cruel. With each passing day more and more walk the blue screen of vampires , werewolves and ghosts, freaks , etc. Now teenagers in unlimited quantities offered violence and blood. These are now the media.