сколько предложений и какие времена использовать?

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My problems with my parents.
he main problem is that many parents forbid their children . They forbid them to go for a walk , play a computer just because they did not understand what that subject in school or got a bad grade . Parents do not even think that would help the child to explain what he did not understand because they are much easier to say - " Sit at home and teach " how to help and give . Parents forbid detyas do with it what they want , such as driving a car or pising tattoo. Fathers and mothers very often lezyat the privacy of a teenager and a teenager it's annoying and irritating. Sometimes when parents are asked not once teen vymot dishes or take out the trash he feeling quite an unpaid servant who works for nothing. Very important that adults and adolescents Lady , otherwise it will be all very very bad.