напишите пожалуйста необычную историю (около 100 слов) на английском языке в которой описывался интересный случай произошедшей с двумя или более героями.


Ответы и объяснения

A nervous man was walking home from the railway station. The road was dark and lonely. Suddenly he heard footsteps approaching him behind and thought that somebody folowed him. He walked quiqly. The footsteps continued to follow. The man sterted  running. The footsteps still followed him. The man jumped over a wall and raninto an old cemetry, where he hid near one of the graves. The man behind was following. He also got over the wall and came up to the grave.  The nervous man stood up and asked:"What do you want of me?! Why are you following me?""I say," answered the other man, "do you always go home like this? Or are you having some special sort of sport exercices to-night? I'm going to Mr. Robertson's and the man at the railway station told me to follow you, as you lived next door. Excuse me, but will you have some more gymnastics or will you go straight home? "