1. When do you usually leave the house? When did you leave the house yesterday?
2. Will you join me after classes? Where shall we meet?
3. What is your favourite song?
4. Do you often sing before classes? Do you often sing after classes?
5. You often count in class, don’t you?
6. Where did you work when you helped your parents?
7. Did you have much extra work to do last week?
8. Was your answer in English good or bad


Ответы и объяснения

1.I leave my house in the morning.
2.Yes, you will join me. We shall meet near the school.
3. My favourite song is...(название своей любимой песни)
4. Часто ли ты поешь после уроков или перед?
Да часто. Yes, i sing before classes often
Нет не часто. No i don't sing often
5. Yes, I am.
6. I help about the house: wash dishes, clean the floor.
7. Yes i have.
8. I dont think that it was bad