нужно срочно сочинить на английский страшную историю коротенькую с хорошим концом)) за ранее спасибки=) ( желательно с хорошим переводом)


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When I was a child I heard this story from my granny. She told me about one castle, it belonged to one rich man. That man was so unkind, his servants were always afraid of him. He hadn't A wife or children, because he hated everybody. When his time to die came, he said one thing : "I curse this house for centuries". He was buried. Some time later it began, terrible things in that castle. All people visited it died with agony. Children, adults - no difference, they all were been drowned, hanged, and everytime their left hands were cut. People say that all was shenanigans of that castles ghost. One day castle was burned, and now ghost is looking for a new castle in England to make his evil things.
я эт уже читала мне эт не подходит)) но всё равно спсп)