Сочинение по анаглийскому на тему спорт в нашей жизни

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I can't say that I am a real sportsman, but I try to keep fit.  I usually don't miss my Physical Education lessons, sometimes do jogging in the park and at home doing the exercises but not every day.  I believe that an athlete may be only tempered person, with strong character and good health. Sport in my life is important but it isn't the most important thing I do, of course.

Я не могу сказать, что я настоящий спортсмен, но я стараюсь держать себя в форме. Я не прогуливаю уроки физкультуры,  иногда бегаю трусцой в парке и дома занимаюсь упражнениями, но не каждый день. Но я считаю, что спортсменом может стать только закаленный человек, с сильным характером и хорошим здоровьем. Спорт в моей жизни занимает важное место, но не самое главное, конечно.
Hello ! Not so long ago I really thought very seriously about the low level of education of the moral and physical qualities of man , I did some research and came to the conclusion that our people have stopped to think about what to aim for the future is not healthy due to drugs, and due to the forces own and the forces of nature ! That's why I want to tell you about the topic of sports . But first, a little introduction ! There is a saying: How many people - so many opinions , it means that everyone has the right to freedom of choice and the right to take decisions on their own and independently ! And , in my opinion , sports - everyone's business . A man chooses which sport he likes , to which section he enroll in and ... pay attention to sports at all! As for me , I think the sport - it's an integral part of each of us. Sport - this is something that brings joy and pleasure (if the person is engaged in it voluntarily ) . Also, the sport - it's a way of expression , a way to achieve certain goals and tops ! As for me , sport - it's a different world . I love to play sports. I always go to the gym with joy and hunting ! For me - it's a place where I can get away from absolutely all cases of trouble, problems and concerns ! All the troubles and challenges remain for the training room ! What's more , you know , I saw - coming to the gym with a bad mood , I never leave the room without a smile on his face a whole array of wonderful, classy humor and a lot of positive emotions ! I also noticed that sports training is very good way to get rid of the stress! You ask me: "What about fatigue as physical fatigue ? .. " I'll be happy to tell you - it's worth it ! Of course, the sport takes a lot of time, energy and effort , do not argue with that , but again - it's worth it ! You know, scientifically proven - the person who plays sports develops not only physically, but also mentally, increased intelligence! Please note - it is a lot of excellent athletes , medal winners , the winners and the winners of the school, district , city, regional and even international competitions , many medalists ! Perhaps this is due to the fact that all the athletes are much more organized, collected and disciplined . Perhaps this effect is that athletes know the limit of entertainment and are aware of what it means to work , to invest and work force. Of course, athletes are very responsible , they know the concepts such as " will rely on anyone ", " blame " and so on. I can also say that athletes are more educated than the ordinary people, they certainly present cultural education . Note : most of the athletes are respected by people and therefore those who respect others! I also want to note the fact that the sport is very, very closely connected with our health ! If we want to monitor the state of our health , to look beautiful and be in good shape, we definitely have to make friends with the sport , nothing better in this case does not come up ! During training, our muscles are working diligently , they become more powerful !