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The most memorable day in my life was my fifteenth Birthday! Waking up in the morning, I discovered near his bed lot of gifts from relatives. I got a new phone, money and a lot of colorful postcards. The most interesting part began then. I found that the house but me no one (that was strange, because my mother always took time off for my birthday). On the entrance door was a note. It was written there: «get dressed, become warmer. You will find a surprise!» Surprise was really a surprise. Out on the street, my mother gave me a scarf, planted in the car and went. Unleashed my eyes only when I got on the plane, at the level of 4000 meters above the ground. Frankly, I was shocked! I was very afraid of heights, and this was such a surprise. In his fifteenth birthday, I jumped with a parachute (with the instructor of course). I got a lot of adrenaline and unforgettable impressions. I overcame my fear, and now I fear nothing. I am grateful to my mom for such a gift.