Переведите во множественное число
where is the brush?
is this a knife?
В ед.число
Women and children came to the shore.
The wolves have been short.
the mice were caught.
в вопрос. форму
That is a dog.
The pencil is on the table.
The train is in the station.
Исправьте ошибки
we is at home now.
You are a smart student?
He are learning English.
They am my friends.


Ответы и объяснения

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Where are the brushes?
Are these knives?
A woman and a child came to the shore.
The wolf has been shot.
The mouse was caught.
Is this a dog?
Is the pencil on the table?
Is the train on the station?
We are at home now.
Are you a smart student?
He is learning english.
They are my friends