Помогите написать на тему сочинение "Как я вижу мир через 10 лет" на английском языке


Ответы и объяснения

  Everybody doesn`t know about what will be in the future. But I`m sure, our future will be innvation.
  At first , we`ll live in world of innovation technology. Computers will be on desks at all school! So, children won`t read books. They will forget about books! Also. they`ll forget about normal communicate. I thikk it`s horible! 
   I think teachers will be robot in the future. It isn`t right. Becouse the teacher is profession.
   Also, a lot of the biggest fabric and industrial organisation will poiiut ecology ahd air. Our planet will be a lifless stone globe. We won`t see the different animals and the green plants.
  That`s what I think about life in the future. And I hope that people around  think about it too