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1) Has
2) is
3) is
4) gets up
7) does
8) has
9) goes
10,11) takes
12) speaks
13) calls
15) goes
5 Does she go to the Institute.... 6 Is Jane fond of sports. 7 Does she do her morning ......8 Does she have two eggs for her breakfast.....9 Does she go to the Institute after breakfast? 10 Does she take a bus? 11 Does it take her an hour and.....12 Does she speak English well? 13 Does her friends usually call her at about 8 oclock? 14 Does Ann take a shower before.... 15 Does she go to bed at 11 p.m.?
вместо троеточий допиши предложения в том порядке в каком они есть
а это что......
ой 2 к не заметила