Complete the sentences with Present Simple ( Indefinite)

1. We (to learn) English at the University.

2. I (to like) music and pictures.

3. My friend ( to work) at an office.

4.Tom and Nick usually (to play) football on Sunday.

5. My sister (to write) letters to her boyfriend every month.

6. You often (to go) to the cinema with your friends.

7. the sun (to rise) in the East.

8. Every year they (to spend) their holidays in Spain.

9. My little nephew (to eat) porridge every morning.

10. He (to study) at an Institute.


Ответы и объяснения

  • marsyu
  • почетный грамотей
1. We  learn English at the University.2. I  like music and pictures.3. My friend  works at an office.4.Tom and Nick usually  play football on Sunday.5. My sister  writes letters to her boyfriend every month.6. You often  go to the cinema with your friends.7. the sun  rises in the East.8. Every year they  spend their holidays in Spain.9. My little nephew  eats porridge every morning.10. He studies at an Institute.