Выполнить задания номер 11 и 12.
Выполнять качественно.Проверяю!


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  11.                                                                                           Mira street, 14
                                                                                           The tenth of October
Dear (имя, кому пишете),
Thank you for your letter. I did not write you because I was ill.
In the last letter you wrote about your groupmates. My opinion is that it is very important for every man good groupmates to have. I have good communication with my groupmates but have not friends among them. That is why I want to ask you: what is your relatoins with groupmates now? Do you feel some discomfort in communication with them? Have you some friends among your groupmates?
Oh, sorry me, (имя, кому пишете), I must do my homework.
Write back soon
(своё имя)
Hello (имя адресата)! Do you remember that today we must meet in Hyde Park at 10 o'clock? So I'm waiting your answer.