Сочинение по англискому на тему в каком доме ты хотел бы жить,почему хотел жить именно в таком доме!


Ответы и объяснения

Everybody likes to live in a nice cozy home . Often, sitting at my desk , I drew in a dream home. How, then, I saw my house? Perhaps my dreams coincide with the dreams of my friends and classmates. I love the summer, sunlight , so would like to have the roof of this house would be clear, some of the solid glass . This would enable me to lay on the couch , watching the clouds flying over the roof and aircraft , and a starry night sky better than in the planetarium , finding the Big Dipper in the sky , or the North Star. And my mother's favorite color transparent roof would give more light , so one of the rooms of the house just to become a garden with a dazzling array of flowering ornamental flowers. I love gymnastics, so I certainly would have been in a room equipped with a sports area where I 'd like to shake his muscles and doing stretching . And since my family loves to swim and perform water treatment, we would like to have a pool where you could swim at the speed with friends or relax after school , and parents - after the hardships of the work . All children love to play, so in my virtual house has a room with children's attractions and surprises , as in " Igroland ." In this room, I would have liked to play with his friends , I even imagine how much we had fun. For Mom important room with cupboards full of her favorite books , and a fireplace with a crackling log fire would add comfort and a sense of security and peace. For the pope would like to provide a room with a pool table. In this game he loves to play with friends. For entertainment, there would be more in store chess , checkers , bingo, backgammon, as my parents - very hospitable people . In my fictional house is a workshop where you can feel like an artist , writing a still life , a sculptor making a statue , a master potter's wheel is made ​​of clay there is a new vase or pitcher. Much more could fantasize . But I'll tell you the truth, I really like their real children's room , which is equipped with all the parents with love for me . After all, are important, not the size and occupancy of the house. He is happy only when the family reign mutual understanding , love and respect for each other .