Нужно заполнить пустие места some или any.
1)We haven*t got -------- butter but we have got -------- oil.
2) I want ------ meat, please.
3) Is there ------- fish in the fridge?
4)Let*s have -------- ice-cream.
5)Sorry,there aren*t --------- bananas.
6)Have you got--------- fruit?
7) I*ve got ------- apples and pears in the basket.


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1)We haven*t got any  butter but we have got some  oil.
2) I want some meat, please.
3) Is there any fish in the fridge?
4)Let*s have some ice-cream.
5)Sorry,there aren*t any bananas.
6)Have you got any fruit?
7) I*ve got some apples and pears in the basket.