нет не большой для з класса
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1) Sport And Gomes.  There are a lot of sports and sport games. They are very important for our health. There are such sports as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming, skiing, skating and others. I like to go in for sport. Most of all I like to play basketball. I can run very fast and jump very high. I usually play basketball with my friends in a gym at school. Our basketball team is one of the best in our town.
2) как хобби можно. Hobbies. Hobby is what you like to do in your spare lime. There are such hobbies as playing sports, riding a bike, skating and roller-skating, playing computer games, singing, dancing, drawing and others. My hobby is playing basketball. I am a leader of our basketball team. I also like singing very much. In winter I like to skate with my friends.