Плиз, много баллов даю
нужно написать сочинение, какой бы я хотела получить подарок, минимум 80 слов

ну и какой же подарок получить хочешь? напиши какой и почему и тогда я помогу
по-русски напиши

Ответы и объяснения

People give each other a variety of gifts : expensive and cheap , big and small. Most people buy gifts in the shops where they are packaged beautifully . But it has always been assumed that the gift made ​​by hand , it is better purchased . Why is this so ?
A gift made ​​by hand , means that a person has invested in him their skills , attention and emotional warmth. And imagination to give the gift a special meaning , it is beautiful to present . It is more important than just spend money in the store.
Yes, make a gift with their own hands is usually cheaper than buying . This is a plus when there is no money : they do not have to take my parents and add them to worry . And the worst part of this gift is not becoming. When a gift is created with their own hands , then it is spent personal time , and it is just as important as money.
No doubt, purchase a gift , too, carries the emotional warmth of the giver . But not always , sometimes the gifts are bought in haste and "for show" . And so it is : straight off , I take refuge in the store and grab the first available off the shelf , beautifully wrapped and talking , not really even considered . And with a handmade gift will not work!
The hands can make things worse than store bought . This may be a souvenir , applique , decoration , toy, baked a cake, writing a poem. Every person has some talent that allows you to create a gift.