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Mrs. Bashet's son walks through the door after school, she

B4 __(NOT HAVE_)________ to ask
if he has any homework. She already knows.

That's because in 2007, Dougherty Valley High School, in

B5_(BUY)_________ a program called School Loop, essentially
putting grade

books, attendance sheets, student binders, and even blackboards online.

With a few mouse clicks on her computer at work, Mrs. Bashet can

check her son's assignments and test scores as well as see in nearly real

time if he B6 (SKIP)____________ any class.
With School Loop,
parents, teachers, administrators, and students can

access a vast quantity of data as effortlessly
as opening an email. At the

moment school
districts across the country B7 (ADOPT) School Loop
and similar systems, such as Edline, and

Ed Zaiontz,
executive director of information services, says that the

trend toward shuttling information between schools, homes, and dis-­

trict offices B8 (CONTINUE) to grow in the future as the digital

divide shrinks.

One might expect
that today's high school students who learned to read

at the same time as they learned to click a
mouse and hit 'Enter'

wouldn't think
twice about B9 (KEEP) track of their

classes online.

However, when the school B10__(ONE)____________started
School Loop.
About half of students groused about the new window
parents would have on

their school days.


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