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El Nino
Scientists have been studying an ocean event who is the cause of drastic changes in weather around the world. This event is an increase in the
temperature of the Pacific Ocean that appear around Christmas off the coast of
Peru. Hence, the Peruvian fishermen whom first noticed it named it El Nifio, a name that means "the Christ child" in Spanish. The causes of this rise in ocean
temperatures are unknown, but its effects are obvious and devastating. Оne of El Nine's far-reaching effects is that it threatens Peru's vital anchovy
harvest, which could mean higher prices for food. The warm water of El Nino
keeps the nutrient-rich cold water which provides anchovies with food down at
the bottom of the ocean. Anchovies are the primary source of fish meal which is
the main ingredient in livestock and chicken feed.

In addition, guano' from birds who feed off the anchovles is a major source of fertfjizer for farmers. As a resuit of decreasing supplies of anchovies and
guano, the prices of chicken feed, livestock feed, and fertilizer rise. This causes
farmers, who they must pay more for feed and fertilizer, to charge more for the
food they produces. The prices of eggs, meat, and even bread have soared as a result of El Ninos in past years.
El Nino has other global effects. It can cause heavy rains, ftoods, and mudsiides atong the coasts of North and South America and droughts in other
parts of the world. In the 1982-1983 El Nino, West Africa suffered a terrible
drought which caused crop failures and food shortages. Lack of rain also created problems for Indonesia whose forests burned for months during the
1997-1998 Ei Nine. Winds spread smoke from these fires as far north as
Malaysia and Singapore, resulting in choking smog, that closed schools and caused pedestrians to wear masks.
Indeed, Ei Nino is an unpredictable and uncontrollable phenomenon of nature, that we need to study it and understand it in order to prepare for and
perhaps lessen its devastating effects in the future.


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