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My birthday to celebrate with my family on the 21th of February. This is a very wonderful and important day for me .February is a winter month , so the weather is cold , but i like it.
In the morning my parents come to my place and say: “ Happy Birthday!” After than they give me presents. Every year it’s something new, but I like all of them. All day the telephone keeps ringing and relatives to congratulate me. I’m happy than they remember about me.
Usually my mother bakes a cake and cook others dishes. By the evening food is cooked, the table is laid. My relatives and friends come to congratulate me. After then we play games. joke and tell funny stories.
I love to celebrate My Birthday . because it’s beautiful moments in my life.

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вообще то спросили о содержании текста по английски.
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Я просил вас , дорогие дамы , провереть граммотность текста на английском.
И да , большое спасибо за совет , Отличница

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Мне кажется в конце лучше написать вместо momehts cлово day