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2. Complete the questions in the past continuous tense. Use what / where /why if necessary.
1) you / live .... in 1990? – In London
2) you /. do ..... at 2 o’clock? – I was asleep.
3) It / rain ..... when you got up? – No, it was sunny.
4) Ann / drive .... so fast? – Because she was in a hurry.
5) Jim / wear .... a suit yesterday? – No, a T-shirt and jeans.
3. Describe the two actions using 1) when 2) while
Examples: Jane was doing housework when Tim came. While Jane was doing housework Tim came.
Jane to write a letter to
to read a book
to look out of the window
to tak to
to write on the board

to knock at the door
to come into the room
to ask a question
to leave the room
to open the door


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1)where did you live in 1990?
2) what did you doing at 2 o'clock?
3) was it raining ...
why did Ann driving ...
did Jim wear..

Jane was writing a letter when Tim knock at the door
Jane was reading a book when Tim came into the room
и так далее. Ты сможешь просто постарайся))