Помогите написать краткую информацыю о принцессе Диане на английском языке)


Ответы и объяснения

Diana , Princess of Wales , born Lady Diana Frances Spencer (Diana, princess of Wales, Diana Francis Spenser) was, as we all know , the wife of the heir to the throne of Great Britain, Prince Charles , who is now a monarch , and bore him two crown princes William and Harry . Lady Diana came from an aristocratic family , of course, not royal , but it is well-known in Europe. Prince Charles met her when she worked in the " elite " kindergarten teacher. She immediately attracted the attention of the royal family and journalists , as Charles' friendship with such a bright woman could not escape the eyes of outsiders .
Charles soon realized his romantic feelings for Diana and decided to marry her . The wedding , held at St. Paul's Cathedral in London, was extremely lush and solemn .