Помогите сделать срочно(
1) I did not know that they already (to fix) the date of the celebration. 2) We were told that they (to encourage) market research. 3) I was sure that they (to take care of) the wording of this advertisement. 4) Who told you that they (to be worried) about the transportation of the goods? 5) He told me that he (to have) little experience in working as a stand attendant. 6) Is he a supporter of the Dynamo team?- By no means. I remember him saying that he (to be) a fan of Spartak. 7) I heard that this contest (to hold) in Ekaterinburg next July. 8) He said that he (to appreciate) the support of his colleagues. 9) I did not know that ht (to attend) a similar seminar last year. 10)He said that the results (to be) entirely dependet on the experience of the people taking part in the experiment.


Ответы и объяснения

1) had fixed - точно паст перфект
2) had encouraged - не уверена 
3) had taken care of 
4) were worried либо had been worried
5) had
6) is
7) would be held
8) appreciated
9) had attended
10) would be entirely depended
не во всех случаях уверена простите, если что не так