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Moscow - capital of the Russian Federation. 

There is some version of origins of the name of city. On one of versions the name consisted of roots "моск" (in old slavic language - кремень) and "ков" (that is to be hidden). I.e. the word "Moscow" meant " stone shelter " and from city this name has passed and to the river. But the majority of historians considers, that the city has received the name from the river. 

Exact date of the basis of city is unknown. For the first time it упомянается in Ипатьевской annals for 1147. That year the Suzdal prince Jury Dolgoruky has invited the Chernigov prince Svjatoslava Olgovicha in the possession. 

Under the ancient legend Moscow costs on seven hills, however this statement has no sufficient bases as in Moscow there are no isolated hills. And there are small raised sites. 

The first settlement in 1156 has been surrounded by wooden walls and рвом. After, in 1367, instead of a paling under the order of prince Dmitry Donskogo the stone wall has been constructed. Present brick walls of the Kremlin are erected in 1485-1495. 

In XIV—XV centuries during sharp rivalry with Tver Moscow became the center of association of Russia. To development of city its position in the center of Russian grounds under protection of woods and bogs, on coast of the river of Moscow which provided an output to the rivers Volgas, favoured to Oka, Dnepr and Don. Financial value of Moscow was strengthened at Ivan Kalite. 

On a share of city many tests have dropped out. In 14 century it has sustained three осады, and in 1382 has been completely burnt by khan Tohtamyshem. Subsequently the city was ruined often by Mongols down to final disposal of a mongolo-tatar yoke in 1480. In 16 century Moscow many times suffered from fires and foreign invasions. In 1571 city has been grasped by the Crimean khan who has repeatedly attacked it in 1591. 

The »«½ý߬«-Lithuanian armies have grasped Moscow in 1610, but in two years have been expelled. The army of Napoleon borrowed Moscow within five weeks in 1812. Next day after intrusion of the Frenchmen the big fire has destroyed three quarters of city buildings. 

Despite of carry to 1712 of capital of Russia to St.-Petersburg Moscow has remained the main thing religious, political, economic and cult the center of the country; here the Russian emperors were crowned. 

On March, 12th, 1918 Совнарком has arrived to Moscow and 200-years coexistence of two capitals of Russia has come to the end. Since then Moscow becomes again capital of Russia, and since December 1922 — the USSR. 

In October 1941 to Moscow German armies have risen. During semi-annual fight for Moscow the German army suffers the first from the beginning of world war serious defeat and departs from capital by April 1942 on 150—200 km. In 38 months of the Red area Parade of the Victory took place. 

The population of city for last two centuries grew prompt rates. In 1811 it made 275 thousand person, in 1900 has exceeded 1 million inhabitants, in 1926 in city lived 2 million, to 1939 inhabitants became 4 million, by the end of 20 centuries - 10 million    ИЛИ ВОТ ЭТО СОЧИНЕНИЕ Moscow’’ 1) I would like to tell you about Moscow.2) Moscow is the capital of Russia.3) It is one of the biggest and most beautiful cities in the world. 4) Moscow is a modern city now.5) The population of the city is about ten million people.6) Moscow is a political center, where the government of our country works. 7) Moscow was founded in 1147, by Juri Dolgoruky.8) Moscow is an industrial center too.9) There are many factories and plants in it. 10) Moscow is a cultural center.11) There are a lot of theatres, museums in Moscow.12) One can see the Kremlin and Red Square in the city. 13) There are many fine buildings, wide streets, green parks, large squares, churches and monuments in Moscow.14) One of the highest buildings in Moscow is the State Moscow University.15) It was founded in 1755 by the great scientist Mikhail Lomonosov.16) Moscow is very big city and its transport must be comfortable and fast.17) There is Moscow metro in the city.18) Our metro is a beautiful and convenient one.19) I am proud of my Moscow