Помогите написать сочинение на тему" что произойдет с нашей планетой через 10 лет" Заранее спасибо.


Ответы и объяснения

To begin with, I`d like to say a few words about myself. I am thirteen. I have brown eyes and long hair. I am diligent, purposeful, and curious. I would like to be braver, better, and quieter.I am from the north of the Caucasus. My Motherland is the Chechen Republic. I am a Kumyk. It is a small nation in the Caucasus. My religion is Islam. I have a sister and a brother. My family is large, and we are very friendly. The motto I like best is "If I know too little, I`ll strive for learning more".It seems to me that scientific and technological revolution will develop faster on our planet. Wars between the countries will stop, and peace between different nations will come to the world.If people change in character, they will not quarrel. They will take true care of one another and treat other people with respect. I hope human beings will give up bad habits, and they will realize that smoking tabacco, drinking alcohol, and using drugs are bad for their health. I believe that cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs won`t be sold on our planet in ten years.Our planet will become cleaner if people protect the invironment. People should participate in clearing up cities. I dream of pavements and paths for people becoming wider. Parks will be built instead of factories, and a lot of new forests will be planted. The air on our planet will become cleaner and fresher.There will be many safari parks on the Earth. People will treat animals with care. There will be agreement and balance between people and animals. I hope that poachers won`t kill endangeredand dissppearing animals. Many species are included into the Red Book of the planet now. I feel sorry for the animals which are extinct in the nature. Animals are our "lesser brothers". People should defend animals because on the Earth there are very few rare species of animals left. If we want to have the Future, we should take care of our Present! And we should always keep it in our minds: the wildlife treats us the way we treat it.This is what I dream of, and I want to help the planet I live on.