Помогите написать вопросы Начните со слов в скобках 1 Our familly is big (Is) 2Our mum*s name is Betsey (What) 3 Our dad*s name is James(What) 4 Our mum is a housewife (What) 5 Our dad is a bank manager (What) 6 My father*s parents are in Scotland (Where) 7 My grandparents have got a house (Have) 8 My grandmother*s name is Edina (What) 9 She is fifty-six (How old) 10My granpa is my best friend (Who)11My father has got there brother and four sisters (Has) 12I*ve got all over the world (Have) 13 My mother hasn*t got a brother or a sister (Has) 14 My sister is very popular at school (Is)15 My sister has got a lot of friends (Has) 16 I haven*t got a lot or friends (Have)


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1 Is your family big?
2 What is your mum’s name?
3 What is your dad’s name?
4 What is your mum?
5 What is your dad?
6 Where are your father’s parents?
7 Have your grandparents got a house?
8 What is your grandmother’s name?
9 How old is she?
10 Who is your best friend?
11 Has your father got brothers or sisters?
12 Have you got all over the world?
13 Has your mother got brothers or sisters?
14 Is your sister very popular at school?
15 Has your sister got friends?  
16 Have you got a lot of friends?