Пожалуйста проверьте,правильно ли написала и если что исправьте ошибки)Если всё правильно,напишите.Чтобы баллы получить:D

Rob`s feet was hurt.I gave him my trainers and plaster.Robin didn`t took warm clothers.I gave him my warm jacket and an extra pair of socks.We puted up a tent,cooked dinner,picked up wood and Rob looked at us and didn`t helped.He didn`t washed up after dinner.After my friend found Rob behind the tent.He ate sandwiches,yoghurt and biscuits and he didn`t shared these food!Robin promised be as good as gold.


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Robin didn`t take warm clothers. We put up a tent,cooked dinner,picked up wood. Rob was looking at us and didn`t helpHe didn`t wash up after dinner. Later my friend found Rob behind the tent. He ate sandwiches,yoghurt and  biscuits and he didn`t share these food!