Ответы и объяснения

Where is he running?
Where does he run?
Why is she swimming?
Why does she swim?
When is grandpa working?
When does grandpa work?
How long is mum skiing?
How long does mum ski?
How often is dad watching TV?
How often does dad watch TV?
How long is she teaching children?
How long does she teach children?
Where is he washing his bike?
Where does he wash his bike?
When is she riding a bike?
When does she ride a bike?
Why do they ride a bike?
Where does the baby sleep after launch?
How is baby sleeping?
How long do they sleep in the afternoon?

Is he writting an exercise or a dictation? Are they skating or skiing? Are they speaking English or Russian? Is she cooking a meet or a fish? Are we listening to Dialogue One or Dialogue Five? Is he working on the farm or in the garden? Is he drinking a tea or a coffee? Is she making a cakes or a bread? Is he drawing a bird or a fish? Are boys playing in the park or in the garden? Is he flying to London or to Berlin? Are they going to the Zoo or to the park? Are they standing or sitting?
Is the cat sleeping on chair or in the basket? Am I translating the Text Ten or the Text Eleven.
Дальше я уже устал. :D
Всё равно огромное спасибо)))