fill in the articles where necessary.

1. There is_ big apple on the table.

2. There are_ pancakes on the plate. In our flat we have_ living room,_two bedrooms,_ kitchen and_ hall.

3. You can see_ supermarket behind the museum.

4. Were there_ any toys in the box?

5. There were_ lot of children in the circus.

\спасибо заранее.


Ответы и объяснения

1) There is a big....
2)There are pancakes on the plate. In our flate we have a living room,two bedrooms,a kitchen and a hall
3) You can see a supermarket
4)Were there any toys in the box
5) There were lot of.....  
вместо ............... продолжение предложения
спасибо большое!!!
A lot of!
NataBalabaeva! исправляйте!