Нужно написать соченение на английмком на тему реклама,объем не меньше 120 слов с предлогами,8 класс,три обзаца,вспомогающие вопросы 1.)What type of advert do you like?Why? 2.)Which adverts make you angry?Why? 3.)Which priducts do celebrities advertise? Do you buy any of them?


Ответы и объяснения

Advertising, a mandatory attribute of a market economy, it is accompanied by the competition between the various companies .
First , the essential role of advertising in our lives - it's spreading the word to consumers. Advertising is an informational message. Telling people about the merits of a product , advertising helps us to what - that much better focus . After all, there are so many products , companies do not know whom to trust , and that very often vybrat.Reklama nset false information . Without this, no way. After the first stage of development of the company to lie to advance to second . Advertising is increasingly fulfilling its informational role .