Ответы и объяснения

1. is
2. was
3. will be
4. will be
5. will be
6. Will ... be
7. Was
8. was
9. is
10. were
11. is, is
12. were, was
13. was
14. Are, is
15. Will ... be, will
16. was, was
17. is
18. was
19. are, are

Does he have a headache? - Yes, he does.
Did you have many German books? - No, I didn't.
Will they have a form? - Yes, they will.
Does this women have a black cat? - No, she doesn't.
Does little Ted have very many bolts? - Yes, he does.
Will the students have a seminar tomorrow? - Yes, they will.
Did we have an English class yesterday? - No, we didn't.

1. Do, do
2. Does, does
3. does
4. Does, does
5. does
6. do

Stars, mountains, trees, shillings, kings, waiters, queens, men, mans, women, womans, eyes, shelfes, boxes, cities, boys, gooses, watches, mouses, dresses, toys, sheeps, teeth, children, oxes, deers, lifes, tomatoes.

1. What are these children's names?
2. The cats have caught the mouses.
3. There were ladies, gentlemans, boys and girls in the room.
4. oxes, sheeps, cows and gooses, остальное без изменений.
5. Are these workers Englishmans or Germans> - They are Frenchmans.
6. these potatoes
7. These strawberries are still green.
8. leaves have fallen
9. birds
10. Do your teeth
11. feet
12. His children study
13. These man work
14. are, houses
15. These stories are
16. feet
17. Wolfes have been
18. toys, boxes
19. these knifes, these tables

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