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The summer of 2013, I remembered most of all.
In July I have married, it was the brightest event in my life.
People don't say lies when speak that wedding and final school are remembered on all the life.
I long and carefully prepared for this event, it was very warm and a sunny summer day.
I had very beautiful and magnificent dress.
Parents were happy on this day too.
After wedding we have gone to a honeymood trip.
We were in Khackassia .
Mountains, lakes, the nature, all was remarkable.
Absolutely other climat and oter peoples.
It was the best summer in my life.


Ответы и объяснения

В начале не remembered, a remember
И дальше не prepared, а I was preparing carefully for long
It was a very warm and sunny day
I had a very beautiful dress
Parent were happy this day too
After wedding we went (or had)
Everything was remarkable
People, (not peoples!)