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In everyone's life there are several important stages, school is one of them. I was lucky enough to attend school, dominated by the cult of knowledge, where are true masters, so I daringly in the future. Sure that cut through life will decisively and boldly, as the school me to it prepares. My dream is to become a teacher, and now I know «poetry and prose «of the profession. The teacher is not only welcome and flowers on holidays. About the fate of the teachers I know more than others, as my mother is a teacher. The school years are the holidays, travel, friendship and love for the first time. In school we learn to be friends, to forgive, to be merciful, and it is so important in our time. In addition to knowledge, from school we reserve our most valuable - the ability to be a man. Soon for us, pupils, sound silver melody last in school life of the call.

We will say goodbye not only to the school, but with childhood. In adult independent life will not be easy, because not always close to the wise leadership that listens help. I will always remember their teachers with gratitude. Teachers are seen as we grow up, tactful helped to overcome the obstacles to rectify the shortcomings. They not only give knowledge and taught humanity, understanding of life.

In our school, all the teachers have a high level of their work are creatively and responsibly. At each lesson dominates atmosphere of goodwill, felt that the teacher does not simply seek to teach, grading, and to lead the student, focused on the study of the topic. For me, knowledge is wisdom, confidence, generosity. I'm entering adulthood. Of course, I will always remember their friends at school, because our friendship was pure, unselfish. 't know how the rest of my destiny, but I am sure that in case of need will certainly help their teachers, friends, school.