Помогите пожалуйста)нужно сочинение на тему что значит быть подростком в России


Ответы и объяснения

To be The teenager is and happiness. " In a life only time happens 18 years "? Yes every day in a life happens unique times! We live for today and we wish to live brightly, cheerfully, interestingly! But we think of tomorrow and should make its. The young generation will not wait for a god-send - we shall search for opportunities to operate.The teenager in Russia tests pride of that nice, that was and is in our country and in our people. But to us is that to be ashamed, and first of all-. Our vanity as representatives of the nation is wounded. There are complexes: " we are worse, than they ", " we it is better, than they ", " they are guilty in our problems "... Who "we", and who "they"? All of us people! We not enemies, not another's each other. Everything, that occurs - business of our hands. To be the teenager in Russia - means to feel the responsibility, instead of to shift it on others - the responsibility that occurs in your life, lives of your country and a life of all world. Greatness of Russia is not measured by its 145 billion inhabitants as greatness of the person is not measured by centimeters or kgs. Greatness of Russia should go in in its each citizen, and on today's teenagers depends, whether there will be Russia great.
To be the teenager in sew to the country... There Is a set of "pluss" and "minuses". But one pleases: I can frankly tell: " I like to be the teenager in Russia! "