ex.1 put the verbs into the Past Simple tense
1)I(clea) my teeth there times yesterday. 2)It was hot in the room,so I(open) the window. 3)The concert(start) at 7.30 and (finish) at 10 o clock. 4)When I was a child,I(want) to be a doctor. 5)The accedent (happen) last Sunday afternoon. 6)It s a nice day today but yesterday it (be) all day.7)We (enjoy) our holidays last year.We(stay) at a very nice place.
ex.2 complete these sentences with the verb in the negative
1)I saw Barbara but I(not/see)Jane. 2)They worked on but they(not/work)on Tuesday.3)We went to the post office but we (not/go)to the bank.4)She had a pen but she(not/have)any paper 5)Jack did French at school but he (not/do)German


Ответы и объяснения

1) cleaned 2) opened 3) started, finished 4)wanted 5) happened 6) was 7) enjoyed, stayed 2. 1) didn't see 2) didn't work 3) didn't go 4) didn't have 5) didn't do