Скласти лист другові про домашні обов"язки у твоїй родині.Використай такі сполучення help mum about house,do the ironing,go shopping.fix things,tidy up the room.water the flowes,feed and walk the pet,do the washing up


Ответы и объяснения

Hello is my expensive comrade, in this letter I want to you to tell about the domestic duties.Very many duties are included in my composition, to the for example -to help mother in cleaning up of apartment, to stroke the things to school, and also to stroke the things of the parents, mount to the shop after a meal, foods and vegetables, that a mother prepared foods, to pour flowers that are in my room and in other rooms of my apartment, also to clean in the room, lay down the things, cover a bed,pozamitati , and others like that.To prepare to the soba breakfast and eating up to wash tableware.Here I to you and told about the duties, write an answer to me, I expect.Good-bye