. Вставьте some, any, no или их про­изводные.

1. Here are ... books by English writers. Take ... book you like. 2. There are ... boys in the garden because they are at school. 3. I can see ... on the snow, but I don't know what it is. 4. Are there ... desks in the classroom? - Yes, there are many. 5. There are ... books on this desk, but there are...._ exercise-books. 6. Did he say ... about it? - - No, he said .... 7. What shall I do now, Mom? I have done my homework. - You can do ... you like. 8. There was ... in the street because it was very late. 9. ... wants to see him. 10 Is there ... heге who knows this man? 11. Have you ... books on Dickens? I want to read ... about him. I have read ... books by Dickens and I am interested in the life of the writer. 12. Can ... tell me how to get to the Public Library? - - Yes, take ... bus that goes from here towards the railway station and get off at the third stop. 13. Please bring me ... apples,

Mary. 14. That is a very easy question - - ... can answer it.


Ответы и объяснения

1.some,any 2.no 3.не знаю 4.any 5.no,some 6.no,не знаю 7.any 8.не знаю