Ответы и объяснения

1. Why are you crying? - I am not crying. I never cry. 2. The rain fell all night and the rain is not falling. In the street the sun is shining, but the wind is blowing. 3. Oliver usually rode on horseback, when he lived in the village. He is living in city, but often reminisces about the days. 4. What will you do tomorrow at four o'clock in the afternoon? -  I don't know. I think that this time I will be swimming in the pool or may be I will be playing basketball. 5. Mother will come tomorrow.- I know. I cleared flat all day yesterday. 6. Where did you buy this CD? - I don't remember. But I heard that they sell everywhere. 7. Nicola never eats meat, she is vegetarian. 8. If you come on time, we will be having dinner at this time, and you be able to join us. 9 Mary will be sixteen years old tomorrow. She will have a party. Will you come?
Спасииииибо, большое, пребольшое!)