Exercise 1. Change the sentences as in the model. The book of the children. - The children's book.

I. The room of the girl. 2. The car of my father. 3. The dms of
the daugh­ter. 4. The novels of Dickens. 5. The sister of my friend. 6. The bag
of the teacher. 7. The toy of the child. 8. The son of the man. 9. The names of
the children. 10. The visit of the doctor. 11. The book of my friend Tom. 12. The
coats of the men. 13. The books of his son. 14. The faces of the women.


Ответы и объяснения

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The girl's room
My father's car
The daughter's dms (что за слово?)
The Dicken's novel
My friend's sister
The teacher's bag
The child's toy
The man's son
The childrens' names
The doctor's visit
My friend Tom's book
The men's coats
His son's books
The women's faces