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Homecoming in Vampire Academy series

Since I'm a fan of Rose and Dimitri, both as separate characters and as a couple, I was very excited about 'Homecoming'. It's a very short novella, and it takes place after all the events that happened in the sixth installment of 'Vampire Academy' series 'Last Sacrifice'. 
Rose and Dimitri go to his hometown Baia in Siberia, to inform and prove to Dimitri's family that he's no longer a strigoi. Naturally, all the relatives are happy about the news, and the celebration is in order. But, of course, there are very few moments when Rose and Dimitri can truly relax. And just like that, they are once again doing what is their purpose - fighting a strigoi.
Rose and Dimitri are very cute to each other through out the whole story. They are very much in love, and there was one special moment, when a possible wedding was mentioned. I just love these two. What's so great about Rose and Dimitri is that they are absolutely strong and independent as persons, but being together they make each other even better.
The fighting scenes was just like many others in the 'Vampire Academy' books, very intense and graphic. Of course, there's no need to say who won. It was entertaining, only I wish the story focused more on Rose and Dimitri' life and plans for the future. I imagine even if they can be together now openly, it's not that easy with their jobs. Other than that, the novella was a very nice conclusion to this wonderful series.