Нужно написать письмо, опираясь на ниженаписанные вопросы:

In you last letter you told that you moved to Tomsk. Where do you live? Could you describe your room you live in? What things do you need to make your life better?

Объем текста - 90 - 120 слов. Ответы должны быть по существу и без грамматических ошибок.


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  Hello, Jake. Thanks for your letter! As soon as I have received it I start writing to you. Now I live in Tomsk. My new address is flat 24, house 5, Telmana sreet, Tomsk. My room is big and light. There is a sofa, a desk, a wardrobe in my room. There is a carpet on the floor. There are some posters on the wall. I need only a TV set and a music center. I hope my parents will buy it soon. Do you have a room of your own? Do you have a TV in your room?  Do you invite your friends to your room? Sorry. I have to go. I must help my mother.   Best regards, ……………...