помогите с временами.

Помогите с временами.

1. He(to arrive) at the hotel late yesterday.

2.she is very glad: she (to finish) costumes.

3. The (to watch) a hew play in the theatre the whole day yesterday.

4. Look. She(to paint) wonderful scenery.

5. The audience(to applaud) for twenty minutes al ready.

6. I think,this cicrus (to give) a new show every year.

7. I (not eat) today.

8. My brother(to rain) at he stadium from till yesterday.

9. The students(to speak) to the teacher yesterday.

8. He (to learns) English for three month already.

9.listen. Somebody(to sing)


Ответы и объяснения

  • neznajkin
  • почетный грамотей
1) arrived
2) has finished
3)вероятно, здесь слово they- они, were watching
4) is painting
5) has been applauding
6) gives
7) have not eaten
8)скорее всего предложение списано неверно
9) spoke
10) is singing