какоие вид спорта больше всего нравится вашим друзьям?Какими видами спорта увлекаются люди в вашей стране зимой?Что вы будете делать на уроке физкультуры в классе в школе?


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  • neznajkin
  • почетный грамотей
My friends and I like swimming, tennis and football. Swimming helps to relax after a difficult day. Tennis teaches good reaction and concentration. Football is a team sport and I like to feel myself a part of the team.
There are many kinds of sport that people of our country prefer in winter. The most popular of them are skiing and skating. Perhaps, they are the most suitable sports for such long and cold winters.
At our PE lessons we will run, jump, skip, play sport games. In winter we will ski.