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Agent Cute is speaking about Robin's family. Listen to the speaker and fill in the gaps in his report.
Information about Robin MacWizard
Robin lives in London. His address is: 19 Crescent Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent... . His mother name is ... MacWizard. He is a ... Robin has one ..., Jane.
Robin MacWizard is a very nice boy. He loves Jane and always ... his parents.
All his ... and ... love Robin.


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Robin lives in LondonHis address is: 19 CrescentRoadTunbridge WellsKentTN2 3 GH; UK. His mother's name is Elizabeth MacWizard. He is a teacher. Rob has one sister, JaneRobin MacWizard is a very nice boyHe loves Jane and always helps his parentsAll his friends and neighbours love Robin.