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1. Why are you crying?I I'm not crying. I never cry.
2. It rained all night, and now it's not raining. On the street the sun is shining brightly,but a cold wind blows.
3. Oliver usually rode when I lived in the village. Now he lives in the city, but often recalls those days.
4.what are you going to do tomorrow at four o'clock?- I don't know. I think I'll be at this time to swim in the pool, and maybe I will play in basketball.
5. Mom comes to-morrow. " I know. I whole day yesterday cleaned the apartment.
6. Where did you buy this CD?- I don't remember. But I heard that they are sold everywhere.
7. Nikola never eats meat, she is a vegetarian.
8. If you come on time, we will at this time to have dinner and you will be able to join us.
9.Мэри tomorrow will be sixteen years. It will be a party. Will you come?
спасибо вам большое)))
спасибо большое
Не за что)