Мне нужно сочинение про Ирину Слуцкую на АНГЛИЙСКОМ языке.Пожалуйста помогите.


Ответы и объяснения

For anybody not a secret how difficult is the achievement of the objectives for the athletes. However, not many of them had problems faced by Irina Slutskaya. From a young age, Irina studied cope with health problems. She loved figure skating and did not want her asthma her way. Irina knew that she could take care of himself and become a champion in figure skating.
In 1996, she became the first Russian woman to win the European title in figure skating among women. She also won the title in 1997 and won the third place in 1996 at the world Championships. Over the next few years she continued to improve your skills and win the competition. In 2002 Irina won his first world title.
In the same year, she was faced with one problem, which was beyond her control. Her mother was very sick, and Irina had to stop skating to take care of her. A year later, the mother's health has improved, and Irina was ready to return to skating. However, her health began to suffer and Irina fears that she will never skate again so competitive.
Surprisingly, Irina began to skate in 2005. She studied very hard and gave her the best performance. Irina won her second world title in front of his family and friends in Moscow