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1. Jane said: "What are you doing"?
2. She said: "Did you invite him to the party?"
3. "Have you finished your exams?" he asked me.
4. My friend said: "Does your sister live in Saransk?"
5. Mother asked her daughter: "Have you hurt your leg?"
6. He said to the shop assistant: "How much does it cost?"
7. "Have you ever been to the USA?" they said to me.
8. Steve said: "Where did you stay in Moscow?"
9. My father said to me: "Can you pass me the magazine?"
10. They asked: "What time will the train arrive?"


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1. Jane asked what I was (we were) doing
2. She asked if I had invited him to the party
3. He asked me if I had finished my exams.
4. My friend asked if my sister lived in Saransk
5. Mother asked her daughter if she had hurt her leg 
6. He asked  the shop assistant how much  it cost
7. they asked me if I had ever been to the USA
8. Steve asked where I stayed in Moscow
9. My father asked me whether I could pass him a magazine
10. They asked what time the train would arrive