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     The present ecological problems have become exctptionally urgent. If many years ago peope lived in harmony with the enviroment, today their inteference in the Nature has reached such a degree that it becomes dangerous for their lifes. 
     The ecological problems are not the problems of a single isolated country. They are global in and involve all countries in the world. The ecological problems have much in common. the main problem is pollution. it is not a secret that every year more and more industrial enterprises are built. They are needed in morden life as they produce goods for living and ensure employment. But they have a very bad effect on the enviroment. They pollute the air people breath, the water they drink and the land that grain and vegetables grow on.
     In addition to air pollution peple upset the oxygen balance of our planet because people dramatically cut down forests and wood. One of the most dangerous thing is radiation. There is a great number of nuclear power station. They have many advantages for the industry, but they present a threat for the life.
     People must realize that enviromental problems are not somebody else's ones. Nature is a sourse of our life and destroying it we destroy ourselves. People forget that natural resourses are not endless even though they seem unlimited. Nature has enough resourses for the present generation. But their ammount becomes less with every day. 
     To pritect nature is a duty of all people.