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Of course, my favorite time of year - this summer. Summer for me - it's time to cottages. We have no village, so on the weekends my parents relax at the cottage.So every Saturday and Sunday have to spend for the cleaning of the site, helping parents. It's boring, but then nice to look at what you have done with their own hands.For example, this summer I did and helped insert into the ground arc for our greenhouse. It grows green tomatoes, which we will be enough for the whole winter.And, of course, the summer - this time for walks in the woods.If you leave the city and go half an hour by car, you can get to a place where real live wild animals (and, more, mushroom pickers).I do not like mushrooms, because basically run through the woods, trying to find another animal. The most common proteins - they are very inquisitive.Usually they sit upside down on a tree trunk, looking at me with his two black eyes bulging and his mouth slightly open, from which peep teeth. At this point they look very funny.I really want to catch one of the squirrels and settle it at home - sure, parents are allowed. But the trees I climb more slowly than they are, and the trees they move very smartly - I do not have time to keep track of them even look. Apparently, they know that here they can be caught.